I am an energetic and passionate college student working toward a B.S. in Software Engineering

- About Me -


I am currently a Senior at The University of Texas at Dallas with a major of Software Engineering. I am expected to graduate with my Bachelor degree in May 2020. My cumulative GPA is 3.8/4.0

As a student at The University of Texas at Dallas, I am honored to receive several awards, including the followings:

Beside schoolwork, I am the Web Developer for The UX Club at UT Dallas, which aims to increase consciousness of User-Centered Design. My role is to develop, maintain the website for the club, and also to update the main web page with the current ongoing event.

I enjoy reading, learning new technologies and creating UI/UX prototype for mobile applications.

- Work Experience -

Software Engineering Intern
Broadcom Inc.
May 2019 - August 2019

- Major Coursework -

Followings are some of the major or more advanced courses that I have taken so far at my university:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Database Systems
  • Operating System Concepts
  • Data Structure and Introduction to Algorithmic Analysis
  • C/C++ programming in an UNIX Environment
  • Object-Oriented Programming System
  • Software Testing, Verification, Validation, and Quality Assurance
  • Software Project Planning and Management
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Requirements Engineering

- My Skills -

Programming Language
Java, C, C++, Python, C#, Swift, Ruby, Objective-C

MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Cassandra

Automation Testing
JUnit, Karma/Jasmine, Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver API

Web Development
HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery,NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, XML, REST, Spring, PHP, AJAX

Dev Ops
Docker, Kubernetes, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Git, GitHub

Web Services
Apache, Tomcat, WordPress, Amazon Web Service

UI/UX Design - Wireframe, Mock-up, Prototype

Software and Tools
GitHub, Eclipse, NetBeans, Xcode, IntelliJ, MySQL Workbench, Microsoft Project, Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Postman

Operating Systems
MacOS, iOS, Window, Android, UNIX/ Linux

Project Management
Rally, Trello

Development Methodologies
Agile/SCRUM, Test Driven Development, Mobile-First Development

- Personal Projects -

Here is some of the projects I have done


UX UTD Website

Hosted using GitHub page, the website is the main page of UX club at UT Dallas. It is designed and developed following Mobile-First Development approach. The web page’s design is wire framed and prototyped before being implemented.


Server-based Chat

The project is a resemble of a chat room that allows Client to connect to Server to send and receive messages. Clients are able to talk to one another by sending encrypted messages to Server and Server relays the messages to the communicating Client.


Disk Allocation

This project uses MVC architecture in simulating different disk allocation methods: Contiguous, Chained and Indexed by storing a file from the real system to the simulated disk, displaying file table, and displaying the file by reading blocks from the disk.


Hotel Room Reservation

This is a Spring Boot project that uses MVC design pattern to generate a web application that allows user to find the guest reserving the room and information about the room depending on the date chosen. Data is parsed from a MySQL database to display on the web application view.


Clima iOS Application

The weather application that use current phone GPS and utilize web APIs to get current weather information and allows users to manually enter their location for weather conditions. The user can choose also search for weather information of another location


Book Finder

A WinForms application that allows users to find the store carrying a book and the number of available copies by looking into a database simulating a bookstore series. Users can find a list of stores ordered by location or number of copies available for each book title or ISBN.


Secret Diary

This project is a website that allow users to record their every day’s thoughts by logging them into their accounts and automatically record their input into a database using MySQL. Users can keep logging in by the use of cache.

- Get in Touch -

Are you looking for a passionate developer with high ethical standards and a broad skill set? Or maybe you just want to get in touch? If so, please do not hesitate to send me an email (for business inquires and resume) or connect with me via LinkedIn.